Devialet creates a potent reaction

Phantom Reactor now available in matte black
05 December 2019 / 10:09IST

When celebrities are going to the gram to post your product out of sheer awe, you know you have a winner in your hands. Devialet, the French luxury audio brand represented in India by Luxury Personified has made fame and fortune with their Phantom speaker. Dubbed as the world’s most powerful small speaker, the Phantom has an even smaller sibling, the Reactor. Available in two variants with power ratings of 600W (₹1,09,000) or 900W (₹1,29,000), the Reactor uses the same tech as the Phantom, with dual opposing bass drivers and a forward facing full-range driver, although the bass drivers are a size smaller in this case to fit into a more affordable price bracket and more modest chassis. Iconic White and Matte Black are the colour options along with storage cases that could double as luxury bags by themselves! The Reactor is primarily a wireless speaker that supports Tidal, Spotify, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and playback over AirPlay and can be bought either as a single piece or in pairs to make a stereo system. If you’re looking to make a statement in sound without sacrificing on precious real estate, the Reactor is your dream come true.