Cut the noise with Sennheiser’s PXC 550-II ANC cans

Sound of silence
13 February 2020 / 15:29IST

As much as you would like to, listening to your favourite tunes in a flight is not always as calm and peaceful as advertised in those soothing airline commercials. There are kids howling, babies crying and your neighbour (who you refused to share your aisle seat with) playing his favourite Bollywood music video loud, aside from trying to be conversational. In short, it’s quite chaotic. Sennheiser’s new PXC 550-II headphones aim to reduce the ambient noise around you and let you listen to your music without any distraction – the way it’s supposed to be. Priced from ₹29,990, Sennheiser promises superior active noise cancellation whether you are in a flight or in a crowded office. And Bluetooth 5.0 support ensures that you get superior connectivity and are able to enjoy high quality audio with aptX support. There are no fussy button controls, but smart and intuitive gesture controls that let you control your music playback and the noise levels around you whether you are listening to your favourite track or simply pretending to.