Bose Sport Open Earbuds keep you safe when exercising outside

Stay open minded
11 January 2021 / 15:08IST

What do you call earbuds when they don’t go in your ear? Open Earbuds according to Bose, whose new sporty sorts hover above your ear canal so you can hear the car that’s about to run you over. With the sound still localised, running partners need not know you’re celebrating S Club 7’s reformation with a music streaming marathon, but you can discuss the finer merits of Rachel Stevens without having to shout over the Eiffel 65 edit of ‘Reach’. Rocking Bluetooth 5.1 for a steady connection, an IPX4 sweat and water resistance rating, and a claimed eight hours battery life, if the Open Earbuds ($200) sound anything like Bose’s all-conquering Quiet Comfort QC buds you’re in for a treat.