Beyerdynamic’s Blue BYRD claims have the flattest earbuds

These are designed for high comfort
01 November 2019 / 18:51IST

We know most of you prefer falling asleep while watching a movie or listening to some soft music. But conventionally available earphones are the worst when it comes to comfort when lying down. Beyerdynamic has a flat design that won’t protrude from your ears. Additionally, these are designed specifically for the ergonomics of the human ear, apart from being lightweight and durable. The Blue BYRD is the latest wireless offering with MOSAYC sound personalization. Along with aptX and AAC compatibility, these BT earphones feature a fast charging USB-C port and a battery life of 6 hours. Not as cheap as you think, the Blue BYRD demands a good ₹10,499, which puts it on the fence of the Apple wireless option.