Audeze Mobius gaming headphones offer VR for your ears with head-tracking and room emulation

Virtual earality
07 May 2018 / 12:03IST

Plenty of headphones offer surround sound capabilities, but Audeze Mobius (29,990) wants to properly immerse you in gaming worlds. Of course, they’ve got the audiophile-quality sound gamers love, comfortable earpads, and a flexible mic with independent controls – but it’s the 3D capabilities that are really interesting. Integrated head tracking checks your head’s location 1000 times per second, feeding a 3D emulation algorithm. Sound localisation and room emulation then combine to give you a sophisticated, accurate sense of space – in other words, move and the position of a sound doesn’t change. The end result is these headphones feeling akin to VR for your ears, boosting your gaming experience whether an opponent’s trying to sneak up behind you, or when a massive rocket whizzes past your face, shortly before an explosion stage right punches your eardrums in.