Apple AirPods Max are the Beats Studio upgrade you’ve been waiting for

The power of pods…
08 December 2020 / 20:12IST

There’s no denying the fame of AirPods. They pushed a lot of consumers in search of truly wireless headphones, Apple or otherwise. The Max, however, is charting into audiophile territory. Costing a wallet-bleeding ₹59,990, the AirPods Max come with high-fidelity audio, Adaptive EQ, Active Noise Cancellation, and spatial audio. Apple says the Max feature a 40-mm ‘Apple-designed’ dynamic driver and a unique dual neodymium ring magnet motor that allows the AirPods Max to maintain total harmonic distortion of less than 1% across the entire audible range, even at maximum volume. Technical jargon aside, you also get all of Apple’s seamlessness when paired with other Apple products. When using spatial audio it utilizes the gyroscope and accelerometer inside of the AirPods Max and iPhone/iPad to anchor the audio even if you move your head around. You can even summon Siri, pick up calls and control audio and volume using the Digital Crown which is taken straight from the Apple Watch. And if you have a chatty person around, the headphones will pause the music as soon as you lift the earcup. If that’s not enough, the transparency mode will leak in audio from your surroundings letting you enjoy music and not miss the flight announcements. It has 20 hours of playback time and comes with an oddly-shaped case.