1More’s Triple driver earphones can deliver quality audio safe and sound

Now the sound of music is definitely worth ₹10,999
27 July 2017 / 12:07IST

They say it bridges the gap between you and music. They say it has three drivers instead of the traditional two. They say that’s the whole point of the name ‘1More’. They say Stuff India readers are the best in the world. They also say that elephants are meat eaters. Now, some of those facts you may speculate about, but the fact that these headphones have three drivers, you can’t refute. Perfected for iOS users who demand high quality music - there’s no headphone *cough* jack, obviously, - It’s got a five-in-one universal directional button that allows all functions.The triple driver helps noise-isolation, fullness, and decently balanced bass and treble that satisfy your listening experience. The external wire is wrapped around using Kevlar fiber to increase durability and strength with a layer of nylon to avoid tangling. All that and a collaboration with international acclaimed Grammy award winning producer and mixer, Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning of these earphones. So, if you're tempted to get yourself a pair of these, they cost ₹10,999 and are available at 1More with a one year warranty. That’s just what they say....