1More's Triple Driver BT wireless ensures high quality audio for ₹14,999

One more track, please!
05 February 2019 / 15:48IST

The more the merrier. It seems that applies to music as well. More the drivers, resulting in merrier music. Or at least that’s what the good folks at 1More seem to think. Their latest creation, the Triple Driver BT earphones feature, (as the name would suggest) three drivers that promise to deliver more precise and finely tuned representation of the music. It features a patented sandwich structure where a titanium layer is responsible for treble while the dual pet layers reproduce a deep and punchy bass. With that hi-fi jargon out of the way, the more “sane” audience would appreciate a long battery life lasting upto seven hours and fast charging that enables 2 hours of listening with only 10 minutes of charge. The precise array of microphones on the 1More filters background sounds for clear communication. Yours for 14,999 from here.