Stream your favourite Game of Thrones podcasts, playlists and soundtracks on Spotify

Prepare for The End
11 April 2019 / 17:56IST

Winter has certainly not made its way to India, but it’s arrived in Westeros and after a long wait, The End is finally a few days away. Fans who can’t keep their chill have already begun re-watching GOT’s best episodes to keep that spirit high and live. And to add to that nostalgia, Spotify India wants to share its Game of Thrones collection with us - including thousands of official and fan-made playlists, songs and podcasts. You can play Lights of the Seven, The Winds Of Winter or the official Game of Thrones soundtrack whenever you feel like being a part of the seven kingdoms from your smartphone or PC. Did you know - Tyrion Lannister has 7700 fan-made playlists just on Spotify? What! You can stream the soundtracks here and then later feast on everything else GOT related on Spotify. You can also create your own GOT themed playlist and share it with the world! After all, the End is finally here and you can prepare to feast your eyes post April 15 from right here. Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris.