Storytel audiobook app gives your vocal cords a rest as it reads bedtime stories to your kid

Honing listening skills early on is an added bonus
14 December 2018 / 13:41IST

Your five year old’s Christmas wish list may be as long as a Subway footlong, but read Roald Dahl or Ruskin Bond to him every night and the priceless gift of Imagination as vast as the ocean would be something they’d grow up and thank you for. Alas, story time becomes tough sometimes and your vocal cords could use a little rest too while you’re tucking away the little troublemakers in bed. The Storytel app is loaded with over 60,000 titles in five languages and comes to your rescue when you’d rather have someone tell the kids the story of The Witches or even Harry Potter rather than you having to read it out loud. The engaging narration and just the endless options you have are worth exploring. Monthly subscription costs a mere ₹299, and it’s far better than handing over a tablet to your young foals. Spare their eyes from the torture, we say. Though we personally prefer reading, who knows if this could hone your child’s listening skills, and that’s a skill likely to come in handy as he/she grows up, right?