The speed of cash transactions without a plunge into the wallet with Tez

You will never be short on cash... unless you have an empty bank account, of course
18 September 2017 / 18:30IST

Craving that sumptuous dessert but a bit short on cash? Google just made your life much simpler and easier with the launch of its latest app, Tez. Quick and secure cashless transactions that are linked directly to your bank account without the need for E-wallets. Made in India and designed for India, the app is built on a UPI (Unified Payment Interface) platform, supports seven Indian languages and above all else, is simple and easy to use. Partnering with banks like HDFC, ICICI and Axis to power the services, you can be assured of safe and secure transactions. Add to that a 24x7 customer care, app size of just 7MB, Google’s goodwill and you have a recipe for success right there. Google’s Tez is available for free download on Android and iOs.