Soundtrack Your Workout by Spotify will add an extra beat to your playlist and exercise hour

Workout audio on the rise…
10 July 2020 / 16:00IST

Spotify’s rich musical treasures are often not fully explored. With the lockdown taking everyone on a fitness journey, there’s finally time for all the things we never had time for before, including music and workouts. Extensive usage of the app results in playlists that are either lost in the sea of playlists or just a scattered mess. A microsite like Soundtrack Your Workout from Spotify then becomes a musical buddy you can blindly turn to, even if you were to go for a 3AM run on your building terrace. Based on a few quick questions you answer (related to your workout routine and preference in music, of course) on the website, it generates a fresh, personalised workout playlist oh-so-often so working out becomes less of a chore. Let the fitness journey begin… with a fun ever-changing musical companion in tow!