Send group greetings to all your pals with Wishfie

Collaborative videos might also enable your mobile journalism dreams
25 July 2017 / 12:57IST

Ever wanted to organise a fancy party for your best pal but can’t as your gang’s all off somewhere on vacation? Well, you could always use Wishfie to get your gang together online to make a bunch of video greetings. This collaborative video app lets you invite friends to create videos, which are then merged. Then it’s up to you - send ‘em to the birthday boy (or girl) via WhatsApp, Snapchat (and other chat apps), or post ‘em on Facebook (and other social networking sites). But you know what, Wishfie’s more than an easy way to create cheesy videos for your friends - the app’s creators say it can even be used for mobile journalism. Pick a topic (nothing that’ll get you arrested by the moral constabulary, please), invite people to record their reactions, and that’s it - you’re on the way to Twitter stardom.