Sachin Tendulkar’s 100MB Cricket app will give you all things cricket

Get live chats and discussion with our very own Master Blaster
31 March 2017 / 12:26IST

Legends don’t retire, legends make an app. The excitement of IPL is building up to every cricket fan’s expectations, wouldn’t it be awesome to know what Sachin Tendulkar thinks about it? Wouldn’t you want to interact with the legend himself? Wouldn’t you want to share your thoughts with Sachin and other cricket fans? Get live updates and match schedules? Have post match exclusives right at your fingertips? Wouldn’t you want to get rewarded for being a loyal Sachin Tendulkar fan and then brag about it on social media in an instant? Wouldn’t you? Eh? Well if you don’t, then this 100MB Cricket app will download itself on your iOS or Android device and haunt you with guilt because you’re an Indian and Cricket runs in your blood. Long live Sachin Tendulkar!