Pay ₹18 and watch what you want on Vikram Bhatt’s Theatre On The Web app

Theatre thrills for cheap on your phone
15 February 2018 / 16:32IST

Today we’re all glued to our screens watching content, buying clothes, ordering food and vegetables, whether we like it or not, thanks to cheap 4G data and the era of digital India. Instead, why not pay for theatre like movies or TV series on our phone? It’s called streaming. We know, but paying hundreds and subscribing for an entire month or year for services like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Video and others is expensive. We don't even watch everything on it. Instead, just pay ₹18 for one entire season or a movie on Vikram Bhatt's VBOnTheWeb and watch it at your convenience. It’s priced as cheap as an auto rickshaw ride or a little expensive vada pav so that everyone can afford it. Movies and TV series like Untouchables, Twisted, Tantra and other such web series, short films and shows are now available to watch on your smartphone (Android/iOS). This platform encourages big or small filmmakers and YouTubers to showcase their work on a platform where they can earn more and reach the audience they desire. Hey wait, can I watch it offline or stream it to my TV via Chromecast? Hell yes.