Ordering Lunch made easy with Foodpanda’s new app

Foodpanda app gets all Indianised
11 May 2017 / 13:49IST

New and improved, the latest version of the Foodpanda app comes loaded with a whole lot of improvements and customisation for Indian users. With the new app, users can view multiple banners for filters, restaurants and live discounts and deals, right on the home screen. The filter banner helps users choose between food preferences while the restaurant banner takes you to the pages of partner restaurants. The information option at the top of the page displays the best deals of the day and we suspect that feature will be used the most. Adding to the convenience, users can add their address in four different ways, and a one click re-order system saves you time if you crave the same food again. The app developers have improved location and real time order tracking to track your meal while you patiently anticipate its arrival. The Foodpanda app is available for download on Android and iOS.