Nurturey is an Indian mother on an app

An AI assistant for parents to manage all daily tasks related to their kids
10 May 2017 / 12:55IST

AI you say? Around the likes of Siri and Google Now? Pffft. But wait, those two won’t help you curate an everything-you-need-to-know about your child. Would they? Will they use benchmarks to track your little one’s health? Without even giving you a tour of Google? And manage all your child’s documents and photos right from the get go? Factual help on early parenting? No? Thought so. They might do it for you, but not for your little one. Selfish AIs we tell you. No sense of motherhood. But this warm app (available on iOS and Android for free) will keep everything about your child in one place and help you get through parenting without a hassle. Not like your neighbour Mrs.Sharma, who believes in flying chappals.