The Nike app is here to grant you exclusive access and member rewards

07 July 2021 / 11:31IST

How did we make it to 2021 without having a functional Nike app in India! Loaded with exclusive products tailored towards your liking, the Nike app is finally making its debut in India. Signing up is as free as breathing, and members get the latest product drops, early and exclusively within the App. This is including weekly drops every Friday with key styles such as Air Jordan 1, Air Force 1 and Air Max. You can also find nearby Nike stores on the app and even find kicks that can be customised with different colours options for each section of the shoe, and with an option to add initials on some as well. You can also complete in weekly challenges on the NRC or NTC apps to gain access to the Champions Locker on the Nike App which has an exclusive unlock with members-only access to products and content within the App. And if you’re having a hard timing focusing, there’s inspirational content to motivate you. You can download the app now on iOS and Android smartphones.