Make your dream job a reality using HireMee

You could be the next Prime Minister of India, maybe.
31 July 2017 / 15:35IST

Remember that time when you used to search the internet for jobs and pester potential employers all day? Sadly, that time still exists. But to make things better, HireMee bridges the gap between companies and recruiters to fresh college graduates all across India. The app aims to tap into the talent pool usually overlooked in smaller cities. Users can upload videos from their smartphones so recruiters can select the right man for the right job. They conduct skill assessments for students scoring them on personality, speech, technical knowledge and skills of core subjects thus building their profile. The score and video profile gives recruiters and companies a detailed summary of each candidate, so they can shortlist candidates from their website or mobile app. The HireMee app is free to download and is available on the Playstore and AppStore.