Make likeable videos to share on Instagram with LIKE app

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06 December 2018 / 20:18IST

700 followers and only 100 likes on your latest post? Instagram is playing sly or maybe your feed is only filled with selfies. Hey, we ain’t blaming you for plastering your face on social media but try using LIKE next time. Rajni’s 2.0 face filter is right on top of the list and if that doesn’t make you download it right away then how about some VFX magic? Prefer to blast off like Iron Man? 4D Magic has got you covered but if you have trouble filling Iron Man’s shoes then Shaping Magic will fix all your insecurity issues. It uses AI in real-time so you turn your couch-loving body into the next Jason Mamoa. There’s plenty more filters and Music Magic to be done here and did we mentioned it's also the Editors’ Choice on Google Play store? Here’s the download link to better selfie for iOS and Android.