Ludis audio fitness apps will help you get back in shape without stepping out of your home

Personal trainer in your pocket
03 August 2018 / 13:04IST

You want to join a gym and your bank account gives you a reality check, you go back to dreaming about that beach body with no means to be working towards it - sounds familiar? You must be doing everything possible to banish those extra kilos - everything that doesn’t involve you signing a big fat cheque, we mean! Ludis saves the day for these poor souls, ‘cos all you need now is a smart device and an active internet connection and you’re good to walk, run or jog the path to fitness. With workouts ranging from outdoor running, strength training, stretching and more, the different variations that the Ludis trainers offer is perfect for the busy bee. The music lends a rhythm to each workout, making your home workout less drab than it can be at times. Quit saving up for a gym and personal trainer and eliminate all excuses for not working out.