It’s time to organise your (up) time on Adulttime

Why should quality streaming be limited to the mainstream? There’s life in the after-hours too…
07 February 2019 / 15:59IST

Adult time is about to change how you spend your time alone. Provided the TRAI doesn’t decide to play big brother on you!

While it may seem gratuitous to spend on adult content online with so much of it available for free, Gamma Entertainment hopes to change how you perceive the subscription pack for quality content. It’s not uncommon to spend precious free time on finding the kind of content you want online, but switch to and you’re presented with a UX that’s not much different than your family streaming services. The biggest draw here is the original content presented in series form, with more added every month. These are shot with a high quality of production and it shows. Depending on the package you opt for, you can just stream or stream and download in all resolutions varying from a bandwidth-friendly 160p to eye-popping 4K (3840x2160), if your screen and will can handle the extra detail.

The biggest “stars” working on original Gamma content does make for an elevated experience compared to the regular free alternatives that are either edited or reduced in resolution. Every scene on runs 30 minutes or more, giving you the complete experience and not just the gist of the action. Its search utility is quite powerful too with options to search by the performer’s screen names, title, type with of course, a plethora of choices categorised by ethnicity, orientation and whatever else you can think of including costumes!

The experience is kept consistent whether you like indulging in private on your smartphone or stream it to a home-theatre screen via your laptop. Load times are quick and the generous selection of stream or download resolutions allow you to play to your bandwidths strength. There is also no cap on downloading so if you’re headed to the hills for introspection, you won’t need internet connectivity for a little dose of inspiration. Additionally, there is a photo library from the scene, if you’d like a preview before deep diving into the content (no pun intended). DVD artwork, synopsis of the scene and hyperlinks to the performers others videos ensure that as a member, you do get an experience that is in line with any regular streaming app. There is a link to live cams too and this is the area that still needs a spit shine.

Not only does it require another membership package but also streaming isn’t the most effortless. Despite having a choice of three streaming resolutions, the video stuttered even on the lowest resolution selected and you don’t want to spend an evening looking at pixellated privates anyway. But the highlight of is its high quality of content, whether you’re a male or female looking for momentary diversion. The story-based nature of the content blurs the line between fantasy and an adventurous weekend. Besides content from Gamma’s own studios like Girlsway, Pure Taboo, 21st Sextury, 21st Naturals, 21st Sextreme, Fantasy Massage and Pretty Dirty, it also features extensive archives from VIVID and select partners including Rocco Siffredi and Devils Film. That is a lot of content and you will be spoilt for choice but unlike the free crusaders out there, you’ll be spending more time with yourself than your mouse waiting for the right “stuff”.