Hike wants you to use stickers...

And give those fingers a rest
10 May 2019 / 15:09IST

Hike introduces Sticker Chat. No, it isn’t just a marketing gimmick even though it looks like one. Hike Sticker Chat is the new method of communicating with your mates. And it isn’t just the fact that you select relevant stickers to your conversation and not type out words, the Hike app suggests the relevant stickers. Yup, the app is backed by algorithms that learn your conversation behaviour and keywords and suggest the relevant stickers so you always have ‘em on tap. There’s also a feature that  can turn your texts into a variety of vibrant stickers in real time. Try typing in PIZZA for delicious results. Food, apart, there are stickers for almost every kind of conversation also the steamy ones and with that being said, your chats are protected with 128bit encryption so you’ve got little to worry about. So, if you’re done with typing and want a fun new platform to try out with your friends you can check it out on Android & iOS.