Hike Messenger gets a big-time upgrade

Redesigned app comes with a fistful of new features
24 June 2017 / 12:23IST

Do you use Hike messenger? Nope? Then it’s time to hit ‘install’, and while you’re at it, ask your pals to do that as well. Hike Messenger 5.0 (iOS and Android) is now rolling out (some features will arrive on iOS by July end) and it’s got a tonne of new features. First up, it’s been redesigned with a smaller size (25MB versus 40MB) new ‘app themes’ (including a night / low light theme) and new emojis. There’s also a revamped Timeline feature with text, photo and video status updates, Magic Selfies (which works a bit like a beautification filter), and finally, the biggest new feature of ‘em all: Hike Wallet. Yup, Hike’s beaten WhatsApp to the punch here. You can now recharge your phone balance, make UPI payments and even send money to your contacts right through the Hike app itself. A fun new feature is ‘Blue Packets’, which let you send packets of e-cash with personalised messages to your friends (even to groups). Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?