Get ready to see more Indian faces on Snapchat

Mobile storytellers gather from across India
30 November 2018 / 17:38IST

Blaming 18 year olds for taking too many selfies is like accusing McDonald's of giving you a double chin. It’s what they’re made to do. Aside from making selfies more streamlined, Snapchat has also become a compelling social media platform for digital queens and esteemed publishing houses alike. Snapchat Discover is rolling out its new feature with the headline: Discover for India, which aims to bring local content for India. The Indian Snapchat Discover partners include Brut. India, HuffPost India, The Logical Indian, The Quint, VICE India, Pocket Aces, TVF, QYOU, Saavn OnRecord and MissMalini Entertainment. You can subscribe to these channels on Snapchat starting today and they will also be creating TV-like shows for the mobile format on Snapchat as well. Think of it like IGTV from Instagram but much better to look at because it's approved by Snapchat.