News focuses on children’s fitness and nutrition while in quarantine

Get those overgrown foetuses off their couches
14 April 2020 / 20:10IST

So the lockdown has been extended and your baking and coffee making skills have found reluctant takers. You follow this up with those free fitness classes your DTH provider is offering to keep yourself busy, but the kids are bearing the brunt of staying indoors for this long. If they’re not being overly destructive, they’re fixated in front of the telly while you’re finding ways to keep them productive. No matter how many cakes you bake together, engaging them for another three-week-long lockdown is going to be a mammoth task! Fitness steps in to shift focus from adults to kids by giving parents a chance to navigate that energy into physical fitness. While that community garden is as useful as Google Maps in the times of quarantine, sign up for a wide variety of fitness tips, nutrition plans and easy workout regimes (pst… for free...) that’ll help keep your foot soldiers from ages 4-18 charged and refreshed. The app comes loaded with regimes specific to the age groups that are aimed at achieving a basic level of ‘active’ so they burn all the unutilised energy that quarantine has forced upon them.