Facebook Gaming app goes live on Google Play Store

iOS folks, get in line!
21 April 2020 / 15:06IST

And just like that without any fanfare or announcement, Facebook’s new gaming app went live on the Google Play Store. Aptly called Facebook Gaming, it’s meant to be a Twitch and YouTube competitor for live game streaming and arrives at a time when most folks are stuck with the lockdown and have literally nothing to do. Perfect timing aside, this one’s packed to the brim with features and even includes a few of its own simple (Facebook) games that you can quickly take for a spin and play with your friends. Talking shop, the app is solely here to up Facebook’s live streaming content – there’s a Go Live button at the bottom right corner that lets you jump into it. Odd thing is that there’s still a setup process, even if you have a Facebook ID. Once installed, it will take you to the Discover tab that will let you choose the content from a selection of games you want to see, followed by a selection of live streamers you want to follow. And once you’re in, there’s a stream of posts, videos and GIFs that you can interact with and comment on just like you do on Facebook. Apart from the comments and like, there’s also a chat feature that lets you comment on videos that are being streamed live. As for the iOS app, TechCrunch claims that it will be out as soon as the App Store approves it.