ESPNcricinfo’s SuperStats uses data science and AI to tickle cricket geeks

It’s all about the numbers these days, eh?
27 March 2019 / 14:28IST

Playing cricket is one, but watching cricket on the telly is another ballgame all together. During the game we’re bombarded with outdated stat sheets, player history and game analysis. Oh, and a ton of advertisements too. Starting today, ESPNcricinfo takes cricket viewing to another level with SuperStats - a new metric system which uses the power of technology combining AI, data sciences and algorithms. With the help of IIT Madras and Gyan Data, it’s developed three metrics like - Lucky Index (how lucky was the player or team), Forecaster (predict wickets and runs with each ball or over) and Smart Stats (pitch conditions, opposition/player quality and match situations). Now cricket isn’t about taking wickets, smashing sixes or acrobatic fielding, it’s much, much more than that. It’s now more of a story with a bunch of numbers and graphs for your eyes to feast on the telly. Finally, the nerds have taken over the game cricket and we’re pleased. Could you imagine what people could do with this? Fantasy cricket, betting, match fixing, oh man. Nevertheless, you could follow ESPNcricinfo on Twitter or download the app right onto your smartphone for extra details.