Dating game gets an update with Woo’s calling feature exclusive to women

The in-app feature promises anonymity to avoid unwarranted attention
04 May 2018 / 12:31IST

Times have changed. Girls aren’t afraid to be on dating apps any more… In fact, we know some bold ones who’ve used the platform to have a guy deliver food instead of… well, other services. That’s just a one-off case, but that’s not to deny that the dating game has changed drastically. What hasn’t, is the fact that we’re still surrounded by creeps and sharing sensitive information like phone numbers and email address can having stalking consequences. No wonder there is hesitation when it come to exchanging numbers, and that’s what Woo has found a very thoughtful solution to. The Woo Phone feature helps the female users maintain anonymity and keeps a tab on their privacy by displaying just their initials, not their full name. This, along with the fact that only the female user can use the feature to call her match, and not vice versa ensures a stress-free online dating environment.