The Carlton Edge app edges you towards worry free travelling

Take a leap into the unknown, only now, it's not unknown anymore
06 June 2018 / 12:46IST
Travelling abroad is a tiring, stressful and overall messy affair most of the time, with a weary traveller having to keep in mind visas, weird currencies, jet lag and the general sense of unknown. It's no wonder then that people prefer going on tours where everything is taken care for you. But where is the adventure in that? You are stuck with their itinerary of generic tourist attractions that one can just check out on the internet anyway. The Carlton Edge app may have a solution for the traveller who does not like restrictions. It provides a handy currency calculator, world clock and an in built map that points some locations of interests around where you are. Not only does this help you absorb yourself in the local culture, but also provides a safety net with an SOS function, news updates and helpline service. There is no excuse not to travel and explore the world now is there!
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