BYJU’s - The Learning App brings live classrooms to your kids

Quarantine learning made fun and interactive
21 April 2020 / 15:26IST

“But it’s summer vacation, why should we study?” The kids have a valid point there, but with the extension of this godforsaken-for-our-good-only lockdown, who knows when the poor souls will see the inside of an actual classroom next. Temporary school closure mustn’t translate to permanent brain damage for the parents. It’s now that you need to up those lawyer skills and prove to them that learning can be fun, too. Byju’s, the edutech app in question, is making content across classrooms free-for-all till April 30. Download the app, register and then hand it over to the screaming monsters, and bingo! Your point is made. Kids (up to grade 3) get busy learning through Byju’s Disney app and grade 4 to 10 can access content through BYJU’s - The Learning App, which has content for senior grades. There’s ‘Live Classes’ and interactive tools that students can access through the period of the lockdown and make the most of this time to make up for lost classroom studies. So you still have over a week. Give those empty minds a learning channel and heave a sigh of relief.