BoxFit will help you get those abs without leaving your home

Work out with a twist
20 November 2020 / 16:20IST

Covid might be making you slack on those workouts but if you were missing the music and the dancing from the 2019 night outs then BoxFit At Home will be your in-house companion/DJ/trainer. It’ll help you burn the calories you put on from sitting at home for the last few months. A workout designed with high energy, music-intensive and high-calorie burning, this is their way of keeping you on your toes, literally! To get your hands on exclusive content the starter pack for 1-month access is available for ₹2499. Apart from this, customers can avail other packs: 3-months access for ₹6,499, 6 months for ₹9,999, and 12-month access for ₹14,999. This app will provide its exclusive members to 150+ classes every month with access to classes and a library of videos anytime, anywhere. The interactivity between the app and it’s members is also very high creating customized workouts for you to help you achieve your fitness goals as well as creating challenges to make the process less of a task and more something you look forward to. You don’t even have to take out time from your busy quarantine life to curate meal plans, because they offer their members goal-based personalized meal plans. For an immersive dance-style workout experience there’s no better fit than BoxFit.