The Beer Café makes drinking easy as pie with the URBar app

Drinking has its perks!
09 January 2019 / 12:44IST

Drinking more beer not only makes you a loyalist to the frothy beverage, it also comes with benefits valid at The Beer Café outlets across 12 cities. And it’s really as simple as downloading the URBar app and registering, and you’re served with a plethora of alcoholic options to choose from. Your digital bar reserves alcohol in the form of a bottle (for spirits), keg (for draught beer), or case (for bottled beer). Just turn up with friends and start consuming. You get to buy popular brands at a special price and if your work takes you around, enjoy the privilege of one price across the nation. Consume any portion at the outlet spread and save the rest for the next outing as your digital friends keep stock for you. The URBar app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. Drop everything and start drinking!