Apple Watch can now tap into Indian hearts with the ECG app

Find out what your heart wants with the Health app on your iPhone
20 September 2019 / 13:01IST

And if you thought you could skip that doctor’s visit today simply because Apple just threw in that ECG app on your Watch 4 last night, think twice. Apple’s Watch does not detect heart attacks, so you still have to see that doctor’s face and attach those sticky dots to your shaved chest. Apple’s latest operating system for iPhone and Watch, the iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 are finally live since the night of September 19. While the new operating systems bring in a lot more features to the Apple iPhone and Apple Watch, the WatchOS brings in two new apps that were not available in India over the last year, because of a few regulations and certifications. The ECG feature was introduced in Watch Series 4 last year and users can take ECG readings and also find out irregular heart rhythms. The WatchOS 6 update now enables ECG in India. While you can record your heart’s stock-market-like graphs and send it across to the doctor for analysis, you still have to go to him for your routine checks and consultations — don’t be lazy. The Watch will keep a tab on your heart and alert you when things are detected amiss, all when you are going about your daily chores. All we suggest is — don’t ignore that nudge on your wrist. But here’s a strong piece of advice — don’t fool that health app by showing your age as a teenager when you are clearly not……