Apple WWDC20 biggest ever non-event!

Developer conference to be held online, beginning June 22
06 May 2020 / 14:23IST

If you’re locked into the Apple ecosystem, either as a user or as a developer, it doesn’t get bigger than the WWDC; now in its 31st year and to be held completely online and completely free for the first time, from June 22 onwards. From the famed keynote to the all-important lab sessions, the entire program will be made available on the Apple Developer app in June or by email if you register for the event. Usually the focus at the WWDC is on Apple softwares like iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, TVOS and iPadOS, but we can’t discount the revelation of new hardware too, at least in its design form if not specific launch dates. There will also be an opportunity for student developers to showcase their skills via the Swift Student Challenge that harnesses the power of Swift Playgrounds, the coding app for early birds. With COVID-19 forcing one the world’s biggest tech events to change its form, Apple promises that this will be the biggest WWDC yet. Hope we also get the “one more thing” surprise this time...

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