While our ape ancestors would probably be souring for bananas even while boxed within four walls, we can, in 2020, get a lot done. Simply by mixing a laptop, fast internet and a comfortable chair together. Aircon too, but that’s situational. These bits are important in equal measure and if you’re gaming, then those become top priority.

So today we’re not bombarding you with our regular feed of tech reviews. In fact, since the pandemic has pushed us away from our offices, we thought it would be great to bring you a review of one of the most needed-yet-ignored products of 2020. A damn good chair! It can help you get through your 9 to 5 with ease and not make your back and bones feel like they’ve been rubbed against bricks.

Design and Build

Green Soul’s Monster Ultimate is their most premium offering. Topping at ₹19,990 it’s promising ergonomic value with gaming aesthetics and could potentially trade your Gollum posture for Usain Bolt’s spine.

If you don’t watch powerlifting tournaments on the weekend, unboxing this thing is going to need some extra muscle. Not always though. Only just before getting the chair onto the wheelbase, you might need the strength of two. Aside from that, I assembled the whole thing start to finish just by following a piece of paper which was included in the box. It was so easy that I didn’t have to go through Green Soul’s assembly videos on their website.

You won’t even need special tools. Two Allen Keys are included in the box that help you assemble the thing.

The wheelbase is metal with smooth and almost-frictionless wheels that move around with ease but they don’t get too slippery when you’re seated. Which is good and the right combination for a chair. 

The rotation mechanism is even smoother. You can go around in circles for maximum dizziness with minimum effort. We still don’t know who started the trend of serving gamers with race-car-themed bucket seats but we’re not complaining. Especially when it’s executed so well. Unless you sit on this and push yourself down a slope, we don’t see the use of its side bolsters but aesthetically they do a good job. It’s not intrusive for my arms too. My upper arm falls naturally between the side curves and it helps keep your shoulders informed of your position too.

Comfort and seating

The Monster Ultimate is more than just a good looking chair, it’s a well-featured chair. Gaming chairs carry a bad rep for using ‘eye-pleasing’ materials and not the ones that actually feel nice to touch and sit on. Which is quite true but not here. This one combines eye-pleasing bits with skin-loving material in just the right balance. The seat is covered in a breathable fabric that feels good and even better when you’re without pants. The spandex fabric and PU vegan leather run along the side curves of the chair. It’s clear that this is used for purely aesthetic purposes and the contact between those materials and your skin is between minimum to a negligible amount.

The seating is made from moulded foam and it’s plenty thick. It maintains a firm compress for your bottom and tail bone. Meanwhile, the lumbar support is made from memory foam and is wrapped in Velour material. The Velour material can get a bit warm during a really hot day but nothing that would make you toss it out. It does a fabulous job of keeping your lower back in comfort and you in a great posture. Goodbye backaches.

The neck pillow is also made from the same materials but it’s a tad bit on the higher side for my height. Green Soul sent us the Monster Ultimate (T) which is for people with a height between 5.8 to 6.5 feet. My genes blessed me with only 5.8ft. So to enjoy the comforts of the neck pillow at its fullest there’s a Monster Ultimate (S) variant for short people like myself who fall between 5.2 to 5.10 feet. Both are priced the same, just make sure you pick the right one.

The armrest pretty much seals the deal. Green Soul calls it the 4D armrest because it can adjust in four different ways. It can move front and back, rotate sideways, go up and down for height and also move in and out from the seating position. This level of adjustment means, no matter how you position your arms while working or gaming, it can adapt to your liking. Just don’t practice the same behaviour on the dining table. 

There’s plenty of space to rest your arms as well. Unlike some office chairs, here you get a flat and wide armrest to place more than just the tips of your elbows. The cushioning is firm too, with a textured and grippy carbon fibre-esque styling.

When you’re not in work or game mode, there are fun things to indulge your time in. Like reclining it 180 degrees flat and counting the spider webs on your ceiling. Or maybe just swinging it down to 150 degrees and feeling like you’re gaming on a cloud with your Nintendo Switch or smartphone. The frog mechanism holds the thing together and makes sure you don’t hit your head backwards. Even after two weeks of use, I feel like I might fall when I recline it recklessly but I don’t. So now I allow myself to slowly recline with the chair (as all normal people should) just to be sure. So, like all things that transport you to another world, this too requires you to start off with some trust-building exercises. We’ll probably recline with a VR headset on after this review...


The Monster Ultimate is everything you’d want from a gaming chair minus the gimmicks that come with one. There’s a serious lack of options in India currently and our recognised gaming brands have chairs that start upwards of ₹20,000 or ₹25,000. Corsair and Thermaltake being the two that we’d go for had it not been for Green Soul. 

What you get here is not just a great product but also a certified one. With three years of warranty and BIFMA certification, it has all the bells and whistles of a premium product along with the promise.

This is a massive chair too. The seating bit can easily occupy me with both legs folded. So if you’re the fidgety types who cannot sit in one position for too long, by all means, try your tricks here.

It has everything going for it and our only complaint is when is Green Soul going to tech it up. No, we don’t want wasteful RGB strips but automatic shenanigans for the ultimate gaming chair. 

If it's a bit out of your reach they also have budget gaming chairs starting at ₹14,990 on their website.

Stuff says... 

Green Soul Monster Ultimate gaming chair review

This is the ultimate gaming chair 
Good Stuff 
Great lumbar support
The armrest can be adjusted precisely
The cushion and materials are exactly what you pay for
A good amount of colour variations
You can fold your legs and sit on it
Bad Stuff 
Where’s my race car?