While trying to stick to its survival horror roots, Resident Evil 8 loses its horror element as the story progresses. The story is what you’d expect from RE’s virus-induced-bio-weapon themes and the often grotesque visuals that lead to fun boss battles.

It’s the Resident Evil game expected to follow the fantastic 7, but does going back in first-person still haunt Ethan the same way the Baker House did? Is it as claustrophobic and challenging? We don’t think so, but it’s still an acceptable and ambitious step in the series


Instead of locking you in a labyrinth-y building or house, this time you have an entire village to get through. It might seem daunting at first but it isn’t as complex as it seems. In fact, it’s not complex at all. Resident Evil 2 felt more intricate and suffocating. 

Although enemies are smarter, stronger and bolder this time. It’s no longer an army of dead chasing you across the village but an army of the dead that are clever enough to take up arms and don armour. However, those werewolf-like monsters (Lycans) never really learned how to use a gun.

Ethan Winters, if that name rings a bell, then you’ve definitely played Resident Evil 7, but even if you haven’t, the story isn’t very complex to catch on to. After your wife was shot and your child was abducted, you’re found lying outside a village and must find your newborn before the meat-chomping zombies get to her.  

Ethan is also not very helpless. In fact, he’s received some much-needed military training and can shoot weapons with extreme precision (depends on your aim honestly). The point being, the game wastes no time in delivering you the best weapons and mods to wipe brain-munchers off the face of the Earth.

You also have a merchant who mysteriously opens up a shop right where you need him and can trade weapons and items for cash. He also loves buying the dead remains of your enemies and oddly-shaped crystals.

As the vampire lady from Resident Evil 8 makes rounds on social media for her gargantuan height, she is in fact not the only super-sized boss you’ll face during your stay at the village. There are four such boss baddies you have to take down before reaching the mother of all evil.

Each boss controls a certain part of the map with their own zombie mutants that come at you from every nook and cranny. In hindsight, RE8 does feel like a natural and longer extension of the previous games and it’s only got bigger and more ambitious in scope. That often doesn’t make for a very scary or claustrophobic experience that was so consistent throughout the playthrough in the previous games.

Resident Evil Village verdict

Ammo and inventory management is still a big priority and anything that rewards gems and collectables can be exchanged for extra dough from Duke (the aforementioned merchant). This ease of transaction and resources could be seen as a humble aid for players who want to enjoy the story without reaching for scented candles and yoga therapy in tough situations. 

It also looks fantastic with incredible lighting and textures. We still prefer the detailed and rather scarier Police Department from Resident Evil 2. The audio and spooky vibe was more nuanced in my opinion. In comparison, Resident Evil 8 doesn’t capture the horror look and feel with its theatrical and bombastic approach to enemy encounters and gratuitous resource droppings.

Resident Evil 8 isn’t the scariest horror game from the series but the narrative premise is compelling enough to sink 10hours into this game with a smile. 

Stuff says... 

Resident Evil Village review

Not the shiver me timbers we hoped for but a great adventure regardless
Good Stuff 
Starts off with the typical scary stuff
Unique bosses and boss battles
Fantastic story and level variation
Bad Stuff 
Could’ve been scarier
Very forgiving with weapons