This spine-crushing fighter is just the best in the series yet.

Flexing on the long-standing franchise of blood-spilling and bone-crushing, Mortal Kombat 11 is every bit of Mortal Kombat as blood is every bit red. So for long stated fans of the series, it’s a must play and for everyone else, Mortal Kombat is frankly the easiest gateway to picking up a controller and getting hooked to one of the best fighters around.Easy to get into and tough to master, Mortal Kombat 11’s has just about everything for everyone, even your button-mashing cousin and cosmetic enthusiast Kylie.

Mortal Kombat 11: Break time

NetherRealms Studio cannot steer clear of tickling the interest of time travel and introduces past, present and future characters as quickly as nostalgia hits. The itch is as strong as starting words with K instead of C and the story is as subtle as a pack of elephants. So you can easily soak up a few fun hours from the story mode and enjoy a really good storyline in the process as well.

Most people who want to speed through for the sake of knowing what happens next should stick to the easy mode. Unless you want to get your characters insides and ego mopped off the floor in hard mode.

It’s also good for coin collection (koin kollection, sorry) too. The story mode rewards you handsomely for just playing through meanwhile the koins can be used to unlock new kosmetics in the Krypt which we’ll come to in a bit.

Mortal Kombat 11: Kollector

There’s an endless collection (kollection, sorry again) of cosmetics to dress and make your character look unique. Safe to say, your online battles will not look like two Scorpions fighting even if they spark the same flame in battle.

Kombat can be modified too but very slightly. You can swap in a few moves from the list that best suits your fighting style. For instance, I like to keep my distance when using Scorpion. So my custom character has an ability to charge up the kunai and then use two kunai based attacks from a distance.

The Krypt’s new location is Shang Tsung’s island and you switch to a third person over-the-shoulder camera to rummage around opening chests using coins (koins! Our Editor is getting frustrated with this) and solving puzzles to unlock new sections of the Krypt. Rewards are random in the chest so you can either get something as exciting as a new Fatality or just an artwork. Albeit, the grindy curse on video games to get in-game currency is very well present in MK11 too.

Stuff says... 

Mortal Kombat 11 review

Packs a punch and crushes a few expectations too.
Good Stuff 
Best tutorial ever
Gruesome but great to look at
Kombat is fluid
Kombos and movements are amazing
Great kustomisation
Bad Stuff 
Why is there a DLC character even before the release day?
Koins require grinding