Wearing spandex for the next-gen console celebration is the best way to kick off PS5 launch. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is one of the most polished games of 2020 and excels in almost every place over the previous 2018 Spider-Man game.

Whether it is swinging from Brooklyn to Harlem, or just taking the train back home, Miles Morales offers breathtaking scenery and one of the most heartwarming characters that breathe life into this videogame.

And it doesn’t start off slow. The game pushes you right into the heat with a bombastic boss battle while swinging along with Peter Parker, you know, the original Spider-man! Although only Miles Morales is playable in this game, the sense of scale and the hand-off from the previous Spider-Man game makes you feel like you’re in a proper sequel and not just a money-grabbing DLC.

The short 10hour game time might not bode well with some gamers but in those 10hours you’ll enjoy a polished game all with proper cutscenes and cinematic boss battles.

Swinging and fighting mechanics stay almost the same. But since Miles has new abilities, the game quickly starts to distance itself from the previous title. Missions can be approached almost entirely with stealth thanks to Camouflage ability. Miles can go invisible and smack baddies in the head. You can even disappear mid-battle and watch enemies jerk back with surprise, almost comically.

Venom powers give more crowd control abilities. Being able to pound the ground for area damage helps you clear the room faster and take on multiple foes. The electricity is also used for some environment puzzles to unlock doors and blocked entrances.


The 10hour or so story also doesn’t dally around. So this time you get none of those Doctor Octavius puzzles and Mary Jane pretending to be Assassin’s Creed (without the stabby bit). Miles Morales cuts out the excess that plagued the previous game and delivers a straight-forward experience. 

The side characters are also so well done that I enjoyed being Miles even when the mask was off. 

That said, Miles Morales could’ve been better in my opinion. Although the 10hours with Miles Morales as Spider-Man were fun and engaging. I can’t shake the feeling that this game doesn’t improve the series in any new direction. The star-studded Villains were a no-show and the gameplay cheekily stays quite similar to the 2018 title.

Side missions are more or less engaging because you need to garner points to unlock new skills, gadget upgrades and suits. It won’t send you on a side mission frenzy for necessary unlockables but you’ll get one or two coming your way by just zipping through the city while on your way to the main mission area. I never took the fast travel because of how gorgeous the game is. Swinging to the destination is an absolute treat and I was slamming the screenshot and Photo Mode options here, more than any other game I’ve played in 2020.

We ran the game on PS4 Pro and the game looks absolutely amazing. There’s no Ray Tracing bit happening here. That’s reserved for the PS5’s hardware to handle but even on the PS4 Pro, the game looks detailed and ostentatious. Miles’ iconic black and red suit is so detailed and well crafted that it feels like the PS4 Pro hardware can still cough a good gaming experience even after the PS5 launch. 

Albeit, the PS5’s new controller will give a better haptic feedback whistle swinging and fighting but gosh, it looks damn pretty on our reference BenQ EX2780Q HDR monitor at 4K. We recommend playing the game on HDR because the snowy flakes in the environment and the gorgeous sunsets just pop to life.



We were expecting the game to improve and lead the series in a new direction with better Villains and more diverse gameplay but alas, Miles Morales stays almost too similar in terms of gameplay but it manages to cuts out the extra faff from the previous title and add depth to its side characters and Miles’ own personal story.

It’s short. Roughly 8 to 10hours of the main story but it's completely focused on a polished gaming experience in those 10hours of game time that you’ll be flinging a bag of cash on.

Spider-Man Miles Morales doesn’t pull a rabbit out of the hat and offer the same level of scale the Batman games offered, but it does laser focus on Miles’ story with some heartwarming characters and a provide a base for the next title that will hopefully let us play with both Spideys.

Stuff says... 

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales review

Miles Morales’ laser-focused approach to cinematic storytelling is fleshed out and worth everyone’s time 
Good Stuff 
Great story
Fantastic graphics and details
Looks beautiful on the PS4 Pro too
Miles is our favourite Spider-Man
Bad Stuff 
Might feel a bit DLC-ish
Our review copy had some bugs