Chainsaw, machine guns and fingers the size of cucumbers. Doom Eternal is every bit fun as the 2016 version.

The franchise is alive and kicking much like the in-game demons, or mortally challenged, which is what the game likes to call them every so often. Yes, expect that silliness to stick around the game’s campaign.

But, of course, a majority of your time will be slicing demons with finesse and quick thinking, somewhat like the next MasterChef Australia winner.

Blood plots

For people who have played the early Doom games, it’s a big nostalgic trip, and for newcomers, the intricate lore will definitely pull you in.

The story kicks off after the 2016 reboot, and this time there’s been some goof ups on Earth. It’s literally Hell on Earth but that’s just simplifying the extent of the narrative. Doom games tend to put you in the forefront of combat without bothering you much with the lore in general, but here you will find yourself drawn towards it’s story.

You start on a floating castle in space which is orbiting the Earth. You, the Doom slayer are tight-lipped as ever, but there’s a talking AI guiding you along the way, albeit not as helpful as the game’s blood pumping metal music. Seriously, that heavy metal and electronic music is insane and it’s all Doom stuff here from the fantastic reboot.

So, what’s new? This time it’s not just red-muscled monsters with fangs attached to modern weaponry. There’s an interesting universe filled with secrets and as the game takes you from several worlds through dimensional gates, you can’t help but enjoy the vistas. The environment itself projects a story onto your sense and it’s not subtle. Even as you hop from ledges and climb walls, Doom Eterenal’s story shapes itself in a fantastic way without ever reducing its blood pumping action.

Eternal sunshine of the bloodlust mind

Right from the get go, things keep getting progressively fun. That’s the most important deal with Doom Eternal. It never lets you get bored with its arena-based combat in the long run to be honest.

The enemies that spawn are very intelligently there to frustrate you to a point that you have to start thinking faster and keep adapting to new enemy types. Some never before seen enemies like the Marauder add another layer to master in quick thinking and fast reflex. And if you pay attention, the enemy design also speaks tremendously about its lore.

Weapons and upgrades come fast and furious to help you in your quest for demon slaying. Upgrades, like any other game, come easy if you diverge from the intended path, and it’s not very difficult to find most of them. So traversing around the map is not just a key combat strategy but also a faster way to unlock upgrades when you’re not cold pressing demons.


Once you mow through its 20-hour or so campaign, there’s multiplayer mode to sink your teeth into. The 2v1 battle mode is tough to master but brings a fresh Doom campaign-like approach to the game.

In this mode, you either battle as the Doom slayer against two other player-controlled demons or you team up with another player as a demon to take down the Doom slayer. It’s very intricate and tight, but unfortunately, it has a steep learning curve. And the traditional mode isn’t here, which is sad, but if you’re wondering how to kill time and demons, it’s not terrible.


This is one of the finest games to launch in 2020 and with the lockdown in effect, we recommend picking this up to add a little zazz to your daily schedule. If you don’t like the way things are done in Doom, then by the end of the campaign you’ll have your tongue out and signs of horns up in the air. Because not many games get your heart racing frantically, force quick thinking and seduce you with gore and heavy metal – but that’s exactly why Doom Eternal sticks out from the rest of the FPS bunch. And we love it!

Stuff says... 

Doom Eternal review

Doom Eternal has depth while still being fun, fast-paced and fricken’ awesome
Good Stuff 
Story is surprisingly intriguing
Combat is fluid as ever
New enemies add variety and depth to the combat
Nostalgic trip for Doom fans from the early days
Graphics are banger
Bad Stuff 
Nice approach to multiplayer but not enough modes