Want to play the most confusing game of this year?

Before we begin telling you about this game, you should know that after completing the whole game, we still couldn’t grasp the storyline. It’s one of those games where if you play an hour or play for the entire day, the outcome will still be the same - you will be scratching your head in confusion.

Having addressed that, here’s why Control deserves your attention.

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The story starts with you entering a drab office called the Federal Bureau of Control. Things start to progressively get weirder as you become the Director of the Bureau after finding the previous Director dead in his office. There, you even get acquainted with your service weapon which shape-shifts depending on your fancy and also becomes a conduit for your connection the Board. Which, by the way, is an upside-down pyramid. Ya! Don’t ask.

Moments after you get your service weapon, you come across a supernatural entity called the Hiss. It’s attacking the Bureau and possessing its super-secret-office-going people and turning them into cryptic red-bodied psychopaths. 

The building itself is weirder than the storyline. Known as the Oldest House, the FBC office is eerie and ghastly. You’ll be pushed to go around solving the FBC problems and saving people from the Hiss while uncovering “what the hell is happening”.


Can Control

When its well-written story becomes a bit too convoluted for us simple folks, the combat is where you really start to enjoy Control’s excellent gameplay. 

The service weapon, we mentioned earlier, can be shape-shifted into a normal pistol, a shotgun, a submachine gun, and sniper to suit your game style. It works on a rechargeable basis with unlimited ammo.

Infused into the gunplay, are fun supernatural powers that unlock as you progress through the game. Using Telekinesis you can pick up any object, or a slab of concrete, from the office and sling it onto an enemy. You can even create a portable shield with bits of concrete from the ground, levitate like Jean Grey, and even mind-control enemies to turn them into allies. 

Being able to levitate and slingshot chairs and tables at the enemies from a distance is extremely satisfying. Things come flying to your command with a satisfying urgency and when you get overrun by red-eyed gun wielders, you can quickly zap in short bursts to evade heavy fire. In combat… you feel like the Director.

Stuff says... 

Control review

Control is trippy, confusing, weird and unsettling. We like it.
Good Stuff 
Fun and engaging combat
Hella confusing story, but paced well
Amazing script
Graphics are dope
Bad Stuff 
Map can get confusing at times
Slightly weird for some