You should probably download Houseparty again

Got safety questions? Keep reading

What does actor Saif Ali Khan and Houseparty have in common? They’re both safe…

We spoke to Mr. Quentin Staes-Polet, GM India and SEA - Epic Games, and he answered our  burning questions about Houseparty and what the future holds for Houseparty in India.

If you or your buddy sensed danger from Tiktokers and Twitterati before deleting the app, there’s little here to convince you other than the fact that the hacking hasn’t been linked to Houseparty app in any way.

In fact, Houseparty also tweeted on March 31st - We are investigating indications that the recent hacking rumors were spread by a paid commercial smear campaign to harm Houseparty. We are offering a $1,000,000 bounty for the first individual to provide proof of such a campaign to [email protected].

And when we spoke to Mr. Quentin, he had the same response and also went on to say that no one has still been able to link the hacking to the Houseparty app, and neither have they found the culprits who started the rumours.

We were also curious if the rumours helped Houseparty garner traction or did they lose a considerable amount of users? But we didn’t get a response on that. The reason we were interested in that question was because Rockstar paid for negative publicity when the first GTA was announced, and interestingly it actually worked in their favour. Albeit, it still doesn’t prove anything with Epic Games (the folks behind Houseparty) so we will simply step back and focus on the big picture – Fortnite.

Yes, if you’re still wondering that Houseparty might be compromised, bear in mind that it's owned by the same folks who made Fortnite, and that thing is as solid as a jar of pickle coated with oil. We asked Mr. Quentin about the Indian servers and Indian network problems and he said, “Houseparty uses AWS and Digital Ocean servers. Our partnerships with AWS and Digital Ocean provides us with robust, malleable bandwidth to drive capacity for live streaming, responsive cloud services, and platform scalability.

Which basically means that Houseparty piggybacks on the same network infrastructure as Fortnite. So if you play Fortnite with ease, Houseparty will work just as fine.

Next, we asked about the future of Houseparty in India? Will we get Indian specific games and content? To which Mr. Quentin replied, We're continuing to work on the content to make it more region specific as we scale to ensure the best possible user experience while also keeping an eye out for things that could help make Houseparty even better. Like everyone else, we’re learning more about this day by day, sometimes hour by hour. We’re committed to being nimble and willing to adapt to meet our users’ needs as the use case scenarios are also evolving in these unprecedented times. Going ahead, Houseparty will continue to innovate with content in India that can be brought into the app, while ensuring that we maintain our core mission of being the most human way to connect when you’re physically apart.

They also see Houseparty as a universal product and it’s no longer restricted to an age group of 18-28. Parents and grandparents are also pushed into the pool of focus for future updates. Will we see a homewrecking Ludo game played across generations? One can only be hopeful.