X-Men: Apocalypse - Here is our spoiler-free review

Apocalypse thinks earth is a hazelnut and he wants to crush it...

Most thursday evenings are usually spent loathing about why isn't it the weekend already.  Unless it is one of those where you get invited for the screening of X-Men: Apocalypse in full Dolby Atmos grandeur.


There is a ton of action, quite literally


The movie opens with Prof... oh well, this is supposed to be a spoiler-free review. Well, for starters, action in this movie hits the roof and beyond without wasting any time at all. The good part is that it doesn’t feel absolutely senseless like it did in one of the (we make a real angry face as we say that) silliest movies that released this year - Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here, fortunately, as the action overwhelms you, the emotional connect keeps things in place and you connect with the characters.

It is an intensely entertaining joyride. Think of it as you being strapped on to the world’s tallest, fastest, craziest roller coaster and Simon Pegg is sitting next to you cracking the nuttiest jokes while Matthew McConaughey screams emotional life lessons into your ears as the wind tears your face at 350kmh.

Should be quite a feeling, don’t you think? Also, the movie doesn’t start with the Professor.


This latest X-Men movie doesn’t get dry or boring even for a minute.


There is a good balance of emotions that make you giggle, raise an eyebrow, lean on your cinema seats in anticipation and make you laugh out loud. X-Men: Apocalypse packs it all in and injects it with characters you will love.


Sansa Stark makes her presence felt

We digress again, forgive us for we were swept away with the last episode of Game of Thrones. For the sake of this review, we will stick to her real name Sophie Turner, who plays the role of Jean Grey in the movie. Sophie gets top marks for doing justice to a well written role, however there are other characters who engage you even more. One of our favourite was Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver played brilliantly by Evan Peters, who gets into the skin of the character and grabs your attention and rips you through scenes that feel like an action poetry.

Kodi Smit-McPhee is yet another actor who is perfect as Nightcrawler, thoroughly a delight in every scene.

However when it comes to delight, we dropped our popcorn boxes, slid down from the seats to the floor and generally behaved like we were struck in the head whenever Olivia Munn made her appearance as Psylocke. Just the name is enough and then as the action unfolds, the sheer amount of enchantment you feel is overwhelming.

The bad guy is bad at God mode!

Which is probably not a good thing if he is hell-bent on wiping the slate clean, which in this case is filled with 75% water - planet Earth, our beloved home. This guy is hardcore, we mean really, really hardcore, like size 72-point bold-font hardcore. When he is on screen, the Dolby Atmos system gets goosebumps as he wreaks sonic havoc in its peak glory.

This movie should work as a great test disc, yes we look forward to devouring it on Blu-ray soon.

Coming back to the titular Earth-destroying bad god

Apocalypse, played by the same guy who lures to a poor programming genius into his country-sized testing ground in the movie Ex-Machina. We are talking about Oscar Isaac, whom you have most recently (before this movie) seen in Star Wars - Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.

Oscar adds the right amount of freshness that an evil role requires and is engaging to watch as Apocalypse.


Everybody dies in the end

Really they do, no we are kidding. Jokes apart, you should drop everything you are doing and go watch this movie in a theatre with a great screen and good surround (Atmos) setup.

There is a ton of action, humor and entertainment aplenty and Atmos surround ensures you are in the middle of it. X-Men:Apocalypse enthralls the senses in every manner possible and we love it.