WWDC 2015: iOS 9, a new Apple TV and... an Apple Car?

What we're expecting to see at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (hint: probably not the last one)

It’s nearly time for WWDC, Apple’s annual event for app developers.

The Worldwide Developers Conference is always big news for Apple fans, and on the 8th of June Tim Cook will let us know what Apple’s been up to and what new toys we can expect in the next few months.

Here’s what we think he’s likely to show us.

1. iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

Apple always talks about operating systems at WWDC, and we’d expect to see the latest iOS and OS X at June’s event.

iOS will be getting Apple’s Beats Music-powered music app, and we’d expect OS X and iOS to build on Handoff and Continuity with new ways for Macs and iOS devices to work together. The default system font might be changing too: San Francisco, the font used by the Apple Watch, is coming to Macs and iOS devices, although it might not be ready in time for the keynote.

We’d expect an iOS update to 8.4 with Apple Music support and a beta release of OS X 10.11 either on the day, or announced during the keynote and delivered shortly afterwards.

2. Apple TV... but not an Apple TV set

The long-rumoured Apple TV set isn’t happening yet, it seems but the Apple TV set top box is going to be spotlit at WWDC: it’s going to be the hub for Apple’s HomeKit, its platform for intelligent and Siri-powered home automation. We’re also hearing of another platform, TVKit, that could finally mean an app store for Apple TV apps.

Apple is also expected to unveil its new TV streaming service, but if the release of iTunes Radio is anything to go by it’ll be years before anything similar makes its way to the UK - assuming it ever gets here at all.

3. Numbers and superlatives ahoy

If you don’t hear Tim Cook extolling how beautiful and magical everything is while showing endless charts of sales numbers, you’ve tuned into somebody else’s keynote by mistake.