Which Apple Watch is the one for you?

With 38 variations on offer, it's hella confusing. Our handy guide will help you pick the right one

Apple’s Watch is coming and it’s bringing every conceivable variety with it.

Struggling to decide which of the 38 potential combinations is right for you? We hear you - we can barely decide what cereal to have in the morning, let alone which Watch to spend several thousand rupees on. Luckily, the actual tech of the Apple Watch is the same no matter what version you choose; there's no difference in speed, power, battery life or storage.

But taking tech off the table, there are a few distinctions that will make it easier to choose based on what you're into. Whether you're all about business or all about pleasure, there's an Apple Watch for you. Let's break it down.

You Love Sports

If you were a Spice Girl, you’d be Sporty Spice. Forget timekeeping and the look of the thing, you just want a Watch so that you can join in with all the “Bro, do you even step?” step count chat in the changing rooms and compare heart rates as you work out. The water resistant Apple Watch Sport edition is for you: with a lightweight aluminium casing it won’t slow you down, while the strap comes in five jaunty colours to match your super stylish workout gear.


You Don’t Particularly Love Sports But You Want To Look Like You Do

Maybe you’re trying to woo a gym bunny or you’re just trying to convince your doctor that you actually do exercise four times a week - the Apple Watch Sport edition is still the one for you. You'll still look quite sporty but since you don’t care about being weighed down you can opt for the slightly larger 42mm version and just use it for its unique messaging capabilities. Draw a (tiny) picture on your Watch screen and send it to another Watch user, or even send them a physical reproduction of your exact heart rate, a feature that is set to change the dating game forever. Of course, that might give away your true fitness levels too: proceed with caution.


You Want To Be Taken Seriously In Business Meetings

Nothing says “Let’s get down to business” like a black leather strap. Consider the Apple Watch in its serious stainless steel casing and traditional buckle combo. Email and message notifications will come straight to your wrist, with some context-aware tech providing you with various ways to reply without getting your phone out - so you can surreptitiously jab at your wrist to let your mum know you'll be late home for tea without skipping a beat during the Q4 sales target analysis “pow wow” you’ve been in since 10am. You might want to ditch the Mickey Mouse watchface, though.

You Are Quite Fashion

Oh dahhhling, isn't the woven Milanese stainless steel on the Apple Watch strap just to die for? It's fully magnetic, so even the tiniest of wrists can look foward to a perfect fit and silver basically goes with everything. Now you just have to decide what Watch face will complement those Manolos. Maps on your wrist will help you navigate from A to B without getting your phone out like a loser, while the Instagram app will keep you up to date with the latest looks too. 

You Have More Money Than You Know What to Do With

Apple has seen you and your offshore bank account coming and created a ₹8,20,000 Apple Watch Edition just for you. Crafted from finest 18-carat yellow or rose gold, you won't have to deal with any of that stainless steel that the common folk are wearing. You'll also have a choice of straps, from the more durable sports band to the eye-pleasing midnight blue leather one. Of course, the tech is the same but the promise of receiving multiple thousands of pounds from you has prompted Apple to lay on a superior shopping experience. Apple Watch Edition buyers will be whisked off to a private room in select Apple Stores, enjoy a whole hour of Genius time to get set up and access to a 24-hour helpline for two years. Alright for some. 

You Just Want One And You're Not Really Sure Why

You've got your iPhone and your iPad, your Apple TV and your MacBook and your Apple bumper sticker and your blue Genius t-shirt knock-off that you bought on eBay, obviously you're going to get an Apple Watch even though you're not really sure what you'll use it for. May we interest you, then, in the stainless steel link bracelet Apple Watch? Its colouring and style will match your existing products and you'll have all the Sapphire Crystal Retina display and biometric sensors that you could hope for. And what's ₹83,900 between friends?