This watertight hammock brings hot tub chutzpah to the great outdoors

Suitable for hedonists, show-offs, and human-amphibian hybrids

Oh, this is... too much.

Ostentatious, hmm? The Hydro Hammock is a jacuzzi, bed, or fresh water spa that can, with a bit of effort, be taken to whatever far-flung idyll you so desire. Tie it to trees or a pair of fairly robust manservants and it is capable of supporting the weight of two adults along with up to 50 gallons of water. Its high-tensile fabric is also slip resistent, to make sure you don't immediately tumble to the bottom of its arch and drown, which we're told is less than relaxing.

I always travel with 50 gallons of water.

Ach, what's 200-odd litres between sherpas? But you don't have to bring it with you. Pitch up somewhere near a water source and the Hydro Hammock heater box will strain and treat the water, as well as heating it using power from a camping gas cylinder. (Add that to the packing list.) 


What if there are no trees - at the beach, say?

Then you can, as the handy pic above demonstrates, just dig a pit, line it with the hammock and fill it with water. Fire up the heater and you'll be simmering, while the surfer boys be like "Whaat?" 

Are you OK?

Sorry, just came over a bit light-headed at the prospect of this unnatural enjoyment of the outdoors. Anyway, the Hydro Hammock was successfully Kickstartered and now the company is also taking pre-orders on its website. The straightforward model 1 hammock is US$480 (a little less than ₹32,000) while the model 2, which has two layers allowing it to be filled on the inside like a water bed, is US$680 (about ₹45,000). The heater box is the big money: US$1950, or nearly ₹1.3 lacs in today's money. Jeepers. 

But, if you're the kind of person considering dangling yourself between two trees in a tube of artificially-heated sweet-smelling water then you're probably not too concerned by such trifling matters as money.