Walnut gamepad seeks sophisticated gamer for posh fragging and nights on the couch

The S1 controller... for the console owner who likes the finer things in life

Hi there, I'm responding to the add. I'm a gamer, and I've been told I'm also a bit posh so I thought I'd get in touch

Thanks for saying hi! We think you might get on swimmingly with our friend the S1 game controller. It loves people who are looking to add a bit of class to evenings playing Call of Duty.

Sounds great, but I want to be straight up and let you know that I recently came out of a long-term relationship with an Xbox controller

That's okay, we understand that letting go can be hard, but we think you might forget about your plastic ex once you hear what the S1 has to offer. 

The first thing you'll notice is the S1's smooth-looking walnut face. Apparently quality wood prevents sweaty palm nightmares during particularly vigorous gaming sessions. Also, let's face it, it looks sharp. No longer must you defile your living room with the puerile peripherals of years past. This pad looks like it belongs to a gentleman, so whether you're lopping heads in The Witcher 3 or busting faces in Batman: Arkham City, you'll still look dashing.

Come to think of it, I was always a bit clammy after spending time with the ex

And I'm sure that you probably ached as well. Gripping a controller comforably can be difficult when the production spec follows a one-size-fits-all policy. The S1 on the other hand is built with an oversized aluminium base which is designed to fit the hands of an adult. This also has the handy but unintentional side-effect of deterring theft by any undersized mitts lurking about your house.

The S1 also tries to ensure your mitts are comfortable with an ergonomic design. The d-pads and analogue sticks are placed in an easy-to-reach configuration and the height of the sticks can be adjusted to match your (possibly) freakishly long thumbs.

What else can you tell me about S1? I want to know everything

For starters with think you need to cool your jets. Nobody likes a keen bean.

Even if we were so inclined, we couldn't tell you much more. The S1 has been designed by Kem Studio for SON, a lifestyle gaming brand based in New York, but it's not yet publicly available and both companies have been sparing with the details. Supported platforms haven't even been confirmed, but given the four light indicator on the front panel and its general shape we're pretty sure it's intended with use for an Xbox One. We count 12 buttons including the triggers on the rear face but, of course, we could all be proven wrong once an official spec is released.

If you want to know more then you'll have to watch Kem Studio's website, and the rest of that world wide web thing, for details.