Triumph Bonneville Bobber rides into India!

The absolutely stunning Bonneville Bobber finally makes its way to India for under ₹10 lacs and our collective hearts have gone into overdrive.

It was a chilly morning and the wind streaming through didn’t help as we stepped out of the hotel. What did help was the warmth derived from glancing at the rough 30 shiny new 2017 Bonneville Bobbers lined up for the taking.

There were four color options to choose from, but our eyes were locked on to the Morello Red. Jet Black, Ironstone and Competition Green shades can wait.


One of the things that hits you as you walk around the bike is that there’s no quick way to do it. You have to take time to soak in all the little details and, boy, is there a dollop of that. Everything from the flat handlebars to the hard-tail rear and the sawn peashooter exhaust looks absolutely stunning. Then there’s the level of love that’s gone into the overall build quality.

There’s literally no extra bit jutting out or a wire blocking the retinas. Just the cleanest of lines and sculpted metal that looks stunning from every angle. Minimal bodywork and the wire-spoked wheels with a wide rear wheel complete the legendary hard-tail look. Mind you, there’s a ton of tech, but all hidden.The visual feast doesn’t end there.

As we walk around the bike, the authentic battery box with stainless steel strap, rear mudguard loop, traditional rubber gaiters, classic rear drum-brake-inspired hub bombard the senses. This is probably one of the most beautiful bikes we’ve set our eyes on yet. The seat may look low on real estate at first, but there’s more to it than what meets the eye. The Bobber features a floating aluminum seat, a first-in-class, that lets you fine-tune your riding position.

Nice to seat you

The slotted seat design system allows the rider to position the seat ‘up and forward’ for dynamic riding in a roadster position and ‘down and backwards’ for a more traditional cruise-focussed riding position. Triumph didn’t stop there. To ensure perfect readability in your new seating position, you can even change the angle of the display unit via a simple quick-release function.

Bring me that horizon

Slot the ignition key to the right side of the bike and it comes to life with a throaty exhaust note that’s absolutely satisfying both, at idle and out on the city roads or the highway. While you’re at it, you'll appreciate the brilliantly responsive power delivery and its smooth nature.

There’s enough grunt packed into the 1200cc motor to indulge in exciting overtaking manoeuvres or taking the countryside twisties. Thanks to the brilliantly balanced chassis, you'll end up riding faster and leaning harder. Cruising at 170kmph on this bike is like a walk in the park.

The Bobber may feel a tad bit heavy in the beginning but as you sink into the ride, you'll notice how amazingly flickable it actually is. The handling is absolutely delightful, so much so that you almost forget you’re on board a hardtail bobber. Depending on the riding condition, you can choose between Rain or Road modes and the Bobber also packs in ABS, traction control, ECU, and an immobilizer.

Feeling inspired?

The factory Triumph Bonneville Bobber looks absolutely stunning, however you can modify your motorbike further via these two kits. Old School Bobber features an ape hanger style high bar kit in chrome and painted short front mudguard among other things, while the Quarter Mile Bobber kit features blacked out silencers and black intake covers, apart from other custom bits.

One stunning custom

Talk factory customs and it doesn’t get any more prettier than this, inside out. The 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber is the most beautifully crafted bike we’ve set our eyes on. You won’t find a single part or wire jutting out in a way that could hurt the eyes. If it were for us, we’d frame this unit in our living room. Triumph has officially launched the bike here in India yesterday for 9.09 lacs (ex-showroom, Delhi), and thanks to it's non-exorbitant pricing, it should be within reach of potential buyers. We will be getting our hands on the bike very soon and it is only fair that we give you a full detailed report on how it feels like to ride one, here in India.


Photographers: Alessio Barbanti, Matteo Cavadini, Paul Barshon, Freddie Kirns