Travel with Time Steel

If you're not sure which phone you'll be rocking next month but still want a smartwatch, this is the answer...


Enough has been said about the worthlessness of smartwatches when untethered from their smartphone motherships.

The Pebble Time is unapologetically a "simple" smartwatch that doesn't promise to do your dishes, but it will let you do them yourself while wearing it. It's water-resistant to 30 meters, you sea.

The Steel version is a mild update with better battery life, full metal body and an unreserved deep red leather strap that doesn't mingle well with water. Or Sweat. Our wrists were smothered in the colour within an hours worth of work-out. Third party step counting isn't the most accurate too, Misfit even miscalculating hand movements as steps. I apparently walked 60 steps while chomping on a mango, sitting at my desk.


Good longevity and sturdy hardware


The plethora of retrograde watch faces make this a nerds delight. It doesn't have an OLED or LCD screen, so battery life extends well beyond a week and the E-paper display is always-on, consuming negligible power. Actually, it's the simplicity of its functions which is more appealing than its narrow breadth of abilities. Think of it as a timepiece with extended functionality and you'll be happy with its buzzing notifications, an occasional voice dictated note and the classy design that still starts conversations.  


The gently curved back sits supremely on the wrist and is one of the few smartwatches you could sleep with. Don't lose the charging cable though... it's magnetic and proprietary.

Since this isn't a touchscreen, all the up/down scrolling happens with the side-mounted buttons. They have a nice, tactile feel but also means you'll be pressing a lot of buttons to dismiss notifications.


Stands out from the rest

The original Pebble smartwatch is what started the revolution. Sadly, they haven't moved much beyond the original template and in the wake of super swanky Watch OS and Android Wear graphics, it does fall achingly short. But where it scores big is battery life, incoming smart straps (thanks to magnetic ports at the back) and the convenience of the 'always-on' display cannot be stressed enough.

Overall it is a standout smartwatch that has a limited but a very loyal appeal.