Top things to do this April

Our recommendations list will get you past this harsh month…

Simply put, April is cruel!

The heat, the dying plants in our backyard, our dying spirits… thankfully we at Stuff India have a solution to rescue your spirit from being eaten away by the April heat.

Before you’re baked inside out into a not-so-scrumptious piece of meat, get started with these must-do activities to make the month more bearable. Our recommendations are a great starting point, for sure!

1) Join this - “Make the World Listen” campaign by Nike

Women have been judged for too long in our country… so much so that just the mention of a sports bra - which is an essentially functional garment for women - is a socially acceptable taboo. Well, not anymore, because Nike, along with some of the biggest female athletes in the country, is making a noise loud enough to be heard by everyone. The ‘Make the World Listen’ campaign has women like Poovama Raju (Olympic Sprinter), Joshna Chinappa (Indian professional squash player), Harmanpreet Kaur (Arjuna Award cricketer), Deepika Kumari  (World No. 5 Indian archer) and Urmi Kothari (Nike trainer) joining hands in shedding inhibitions and taboos to express themselves better by working out just in their sports bras. Nike’s sports bras, of course, are designed well, with innovating products and new technology to drive better fit, form and function and diversity and inclusion through movement and sport. A band of celebrity stylists and bloggers too in on-board this campaign, sporting the sports bra as a fundamental garment without which sports cannot exist for women.

Check out Nike’s collection of sports bras here

2) Watch this - Tata Sky Theatre (Subscription from ₹75 per month)

Watching theatre in a television format is a feast for theatre lovers on a shortage of time. While a lot of us get busy with work and other stuff, our love for theatre sometimes gets pushed in the corner. But now there’s enough reason to rejoice, coz Tata Sky Theatre, with its bank of over a hundred plays from across genres is to please the lovers of the art. Subscribing to channel #315 in HD and #316 in SD is the quickest front row access you could get to a popular play and satiate your love for theatre. Besides, televising the popular ones are also a great way of archiving some of the artists’ (like Mita Vashisht, Joy Sengupta, Varun Balodla and more…) greatest performances so future theatre and acting enthusiasts have the best reference point. The greatest ode to theatre in recent times, we’d say!

Check details of Tata Sky Theatre channel #316 here

3) Out of the Blue New Menu (₹1500 for two)

Some restaurants remain on our list of favourites, no matter how many years pass. That’s mainly ‘coz they know how to change with the times and keep re-inventing themselves. Their current initiative - #S.L.O initiative, that translates to sustainable, local and organic is a one-of-a-kind platform that brings on board start-ups that mirrored the same objectives. Some of the brands included are Farm2Fam, B Organic India, The Abhinaya Store, Bon Vivant Chocolates, Fresh Roots, Taru Naturals and Yellow Bohemian Organic Coffee. Chef Vivek Swamy of Out Of The Blue has incorporated ingredients from these start-ups in the dishes that are featured in his new menu. Out of the dishes on the new menu, our favourite was the Butterhead and lollo rosso wrapped lamb meatballs with a awla mostarda. Fancy name for sure, but it did taste divine. The menu stays at the restaurant as part of The Blue Launchpad for the next 6 months, so the next time you’re around the corner, do drop by and order yourself a healthy and scrumptious meal.

Make a reservation at Out of The Blue here

4) Attend this - Standup Comedy at San Churro (₹250)

Okay, so this neighbourhood café in Bandra West doesn’t just serve the most scrumptious desserts and food. Yes, the signature churros, hot chocolate and almost everything on the new food menu (hand made pizzas, keema pav, juicy burgers and chicken steak… drool alert!) are to die for, but come Tuesday, and the place transforms into a venue for the best standup comedy in the vicinity. With talented artists like Nishant Suri, Kenny Sebastian, Aditi Mittal, Aishwarya Mohanraj having performed in the past, to name a few, the property has been a hit from day one. There’s always the risk of Monday blues trickling into the week. Chocolateria San Churro is the ultimate destination that can stop that syndrome from spreading its tentacles into the week ahead.

Stay updated on weekly events at Chocolateria San Churro here

5) Play this - Smartivity Toys (from ₹249)

Summer vacation spells out doom for parents. Engaging the kids productively is a challenge in itself… what’s even a bigger threat to their intellect is the extended use of playthings (namely smartphones!) that completely restrict creative thinking and learning. Beat the summer heat by keeping the little monsters (aged 3-14 years) with these multitude of puzzles, activities requiring Robotics, Augmented Reality activities and a plethora of DIY toys. Not only is this a great way to take a break from the telly, there a huge sense of achievement after every project is completed. Logical and strategic thinking, coaxing the use of practical intelligence and brain development are minor side effects of these toys that are the perfect amalgamation of your child’s physical and digital world, and they’ll surely realise that their smartphones and tablets can be put to better use.

Buy a Smartivity kit for your tot from here

6) Download this - Ranveer Brar Food App

If you’re as bad in the kitchen as we are, tired of spending your hard-earned money on food orders, getting an upset tummy often from the frequent ordering-in, this is the right app for you. We’re not selling the app to you, just vouching for the fact that it will simplify your life in more ways than you can imagine. With Chef Ranveer Brar as the captain of your food ship, there’s no cuisine that’s unachievable. There are pre-loaded options like ‘Regional Food’, ‘Street Food’ or even ‘Homemade Food’, and Food Mat gives you the option to look at recipes from that category. For diet conscious individuals, or those harbouring specific allergies, the Food Mat helps you out with dishes across categories like ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Lactose Free’, ‘Nut Free’, and ‘Healthy Food’. You can also dive into the world of Chef Ranveer’s distinct (RB) Diet Plan for a small subscription fee. The app comes loaded with the Chef's culinary journey via almost 100 videos of his travels so the next time you travel, check for recommendation from this very reliable source.

Find the app on Google Play store here